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The truth of who we are

"People are gathering around words. And story. Because people are connecting...you are falling in love with this little girl, this little girl Michelle Robinson who had stumbles and hurts and she was feisty and you got to know her and as a result you know me better, because you know her."

"And often times, we're told to hide our stories. We're told we shouldn't share that stuff that's really deep and true about us, but this book to me reminds us all that this is how we connect - by sharing our stories. But before you share your story, you have to value your story. My story, the reaction to my story, the power of it is that it shows there is no one right way to be human. And we are sort of stuck on this planet with these few models of what it means to be right and God how dare anybody think they have a monopoly on truth and that their religion is dominant, that the colour of someone's skin matters, that how they love matters, that rich or poor defines values - it doesn't. We all have these same stories."

"I am just a messenger to the truth of who we are."

"My hope is that you guys leave here empowered by your own stories.

Understand and appreciate the power of your journey.

Then embrace it.

Then once you get a hold of your story, share it."

-Michelle, Paris, 16 April 2019

These words by Michelle Robinson Obama floated to me and landed directly on my heart.

Because, like many of us, I have had a story to share.

What are you becoming? I asked Maria.

A better version of myself, she said.

And you?

I am becoming inspired, I said.

I am becoming a writer.

I am going to embrace my story.

And I am going to share it.

And one day, I am going to let the world know about another little feisty girl with big dreams and an impossible journey.

Thank you Michelle.

And Maria.

And Allison. And Oliver (who stepped up).

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