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The stories we tell

What story do you tell yourself?

This is what the book asked. It struck me like a blast of cold wind. It woke me up.

Because the story you tell yourself - about how you got here, about your past, about what the future holds - is it already taking shape, forming you from the inside out.

If your story is one of self sabotage it might sound like this: I am weak. I am stupid. I am ugly. I am not good enough. I am fat. I don't have enough money. I am not smart enough. I just can't. I don't have time. I can't do this. It's not fair. It's his fault. I don't deserve it. It's too late. I don't have it in me. Everything falls apart anyway.

But if your story is one of hope- even if it is not true (yet) may sounds like this: This will turn out well. I am not sure what I'm doing, but I'll figure it out. I am intelligent and capable - I got this. I am a great friend. I will find the means somehow. I am beautiful. I am enough. I can do this. I will do this. Things have a way of working out. I just have to believe.

And what a difference it makes. In life, confidence, taking chances, getting to the next best place.

So what story are you telling yourself? Is it fact or fiction? Is it a horror? Is it a looping narrative of a past you haven't let go? Is it an incredible choose your own adventure?

Are just repeating other people's stories about you? Is it time to find a new plot? A few new adjectives to describe yourself? (The self that you will become, even if you are not yet there).

All I know is I am going to tell myself great stories from now on.

Real incredible far out things.

And who knows? They might just come true.