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We were planning it...and then... life

Wait, weren't we supposed to do that?!? I asked her.

'That' being organize writers' workshops. I had been marinating on this idea for a very long time - to have a sometimes quiet, sometimes not, shared space with creative souls, with time for writing, feedback, strolling, chatting, inspiration, and good cosy meals shared with a glass of wine.

We had written about it in a flurry of excited emails and texts.

Well, we were planning it...and then life, she responded.

I laughed. Because it sounded so funny and also ....that's just how it goes.

Dreams give way to daily and urgent matters. Family, work, health, grocery shopping, flopping on the coach at the end of a long day. Dreams get tucked in the back of minds, in the fold of brains until we are reminded, in some moment of downtime...

Hey, I wanted to do that!

I want to do it.

Let's plan it!!!!!

And then..... life.