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People who don't clean their dog's crap on the sidewalk.

Loud talkers in libraries.

Texters in movies.

Those who sit on the outside of the seat on metros and buses and need a spoken decree from God to make way for you to sit by the window.

That person who invites you for a work coffee and forgets his wallet and also asks you to buy him a HUGE bottle of water.

Budding in line.

Taking up the whole side walk.

Texting and walking as people are trying to rush.

Talking on your cellphone on the cellphone free zone of the train and not giving one single damn.

Standing in the walk side of the escalator (could also be clueless).

Expecting you to make way for them when walking towards each other. And then the look when you just don't move first.

I say we take all the entitled folks and put them on their own island where they can live with only their own.

I imagine it would end up like Lord of the Flies.

Even without pets, likely a very shitty place to be.