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Apparently, I am a single man of means

You are a single man, she said to me.


You have a fold line in the sweater, which shows that it's been ironed and folded. But the fold line is still there so that means you don't have anyone to iron it.

But surely there are single men who iron?

No single man irons, she says, very definitively. So in fact, this means you are a single man of some means because you could afford someone to do the initial ironing.

Later on, we unpack the day.

Talking and venting is like therapy, she said to me as we sipped our teas.

I suppose that's part of the reason that women live longer, I noted. Women talk it out and vent, unlike most men, who tend to keep it in.

Yes, she agreed.

I wondered then, in how he unravels the essence of things and can have deep conversations of substance that get to the heart, is my husband a woman?