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Tempus Fugit

They say time is an illusion.

They say it might not really exist and that it was just simply observed early on by those who watched the natural world and saw the sun and moon rise and the seasons. But one thing is true - it only moves forward, though the past can be very present for some.

Last week, it seemed that I compressed time. After an intense week at work where time flew, I decided, ironically at the last minute, to go ahead and run the Marseilles-Cassis 20km with my lovely friend Maria.


After the 3 hour mark, immediately behind us was the red truck. We were the last two to finish the race. Yet, we felt on top of the world (not just the hill) with all the claps and encouragements from hundreds who had finished before us. We kept yelling "We won't quit!!!!"

I learned an important lesson. It is not who comes first, who is the fastest, like those who seem to bend time with how fast they move (the two first runners finished in about an hour). It's about how you experience the time. Not in the relative sense of Einstein (different when approaching the speed of light or slower when close to a massive black hole). Though this can seem to be really true when spending time with negative people. (Are negative people the black holes of life????)

The important part is the time spent laughing and encouraging and talking and staying together no matter what. Yes, time flies. But if you spend it right, it's just enough.