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A satisfying chocolate experience

It's been rather frustrating, he said.

This week, I haven't had a satisfying chocolate experience.


Yes, the chocolate I ate were either melted or was not really tasty. Utterly unsatisfying.

So with that, we did what any self-respecting aficionado of chocolate would do. We walked to Torrefaction Noailles, sellers of quality tea, coffee and chocolate.

He selected various types, with pralines, dark squares with dusting of orange zest, chocolate honey mixes. He was happy, like a child surrounded by his favourite bonbons. I eyed the chocolate covered olives but it was too much joy to comprehend. So I did without.

Talking about too much joy, this week I discovered Pottoka - an excellent restaurant of Basque inspired food in the 7th arrondissement in Paris. Each bite was heaven. This, I thought, is what they talk about when they say French food is the best food in the world. It was pure delight and fantasy with tastes that mixed and blended like an impressionist painting. It's hard to describe, even now.

All I know is I smile just thinking about it. And even more when I think of going back.