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Like Ruby Sparks

They are always listing, she said. The best 30 under 30, the best 45 under 45.


Then she paused. You know what they should have? The best 100 under 100!

We burst out laughing. But why the hell not?

I can't lie. I am a sucker for lists.

In university, bored in some lectures, I would list where I would be in life at various ages. I also made lists of things that made me happy and places in the world I would visit in this lifetime. I made lists of people I loved and the books I wanted to read. And I would curate endless pros and con list for all and any decisions.

I am a believer that the universe is abundant and wants to give you what you need but that you also cannot be vague with it. So, I made a list of all the qualities that were dear to me (and broke it down to negotiable and non-negotiable aspects...my future guy had to be kind and have a great relationship with mama.) And when I met my love, I recognized him because it was like I had written him into existence, like Ruby Sparks.

To do lists, imagined existence lists, wanderlust lists. What are the really about, these lists? I suppose they are a small way of making things concrete. Of untangling the web of ideas. If I can put it on paper and divide it up, I am more likely to understand it and realize it.

I list, therefore, I will.