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Bitch, please?

He's really cute. Everyone says so. And has big brown eyes. And he loves to cuddle, especially in the morning. He looks good sassy or classy.

It should have been so easy.

But trying to hook up Charlie, our 3 year old Cavalier King Charles, has been impossible. I have posted in le bon coin (several times), I have ran after people to ask if their dog is a) female b) not neutered c) pure breed.

Their responses have varied:

Ironically, one lady gave me the run around. Yes, but no, but yes. GRRRRR.

Another she had to get her doggy checked first at the vet in the fall (so now I will follow up).

And the third, a middle-age man, moved away from me like I was a crazy person.

(I swear those were the wide-open unblinking eyes of joy, not mental instability.)

Charlie Epsilon is in his prime now. Cavalier King Charles are notorious for heart problems starting around 5 years old and when I imagine him not here, it strikes me with pangs of sadness and sense of urgency. I gotta get a back up. Not that any other dog will replace him ever and what he means to us. But you know what I mean.

At first, the idea was that we would sell his puppies so that he could pay for his cost of living. Dog food, vet visits, grooming, vaccinations, train tickets - for a little guy he costs a lot. So the idea was that we'd pimp him out. He'd be a dog gigolo. But that plan soon went out the window because nobody wanted him for 200 euros, which is the going price, apparently.

Now he is free and we keep a puppy. And still nothing. Really?

Right now, he's sleeping by my feet and I'm sure he's dreaming of cheese and off-leash running. I look at his floppy ears and paws crossed over each other and wonder how can these other dog owners not want a piece of our handsome hairy ball of all things good?

Where does one get a dog a date?

I was joking with friends but there is a need for dog dating site. Perfect name would be, (and I've said this a few times now), Bitch, please?