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Maybe she's born with it

Or maybe she got inundated by so many cosmetics ads that she feels like she has to pile it on to be seen.

Today, as they do every month, several twenty-something-year old ladies were handing out Style magazine by the metro. And along with it, a trail-size Chanel mascara. On the back of Style, what is staring out but eyelashes created by Chanel mascara. One giant eye like the Great Gatsby. Left hook, right hook.

I think it must be impossible to be a teenage girl these days and not want to have sparkles, colour drenched lipstick, mascara, eyeliner that go up like cats, contours kits sold by Rihanna, and on and on and on.

It was bad even then. I remember being in high school chilling at my friend Sara's house as per usual and flipping through her (and sometimes her sister's when we could get to it) Elle and Vogue magazines. There was a photo of Tyra Banks on a boat. She legs were crazy long and her waist was so tiny that it did not look real. I could not stop staring at it - she looked like a black Barbie. Later on, I learned that she was struggling a lot during that time. It always comes out after ...after the impact on the young girls has already happened and they are well on their path to buying self-confidence and throwing up to fill up on self-worth.

How much does cost to make girls feel less than priceless? The industry was already spending 2.2 billion on advertising in 2005. But they make it back. And then some. In her lifetime, a woman will spend over 300,000 USD on beauty products. It's a mortgage on your face. Yet, I am not surprised. Because the seed is planted younger and younger. That our worth, our value is tied to how we look, how much we weight, what clothes we have on. Even Victoria Secret is selling to children. Message is loud and clear: Yes, of course you can be smart but you better be hot too.

The new H&M ad is repeating non-stop.

Do you feel amazing? You will when you put this on.

And what if I don't? And what if I don't mother f%$#@ers?

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