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Bagdad café

September 12, 2018

Immediate thought after 5 minutes?


'I don't like it.'


Depiction of a screaming, angry, black woman. After all the stories of the Serena Williams 'meltdown' this past week, in op-eds and racist cartoons, I was over it. Enough.


'Give it time', he says. 'Patience mon petit scarabée. '


'Hmmph. 10 minutes. That's it.' I shook my head and prepared to be disappointed.


But in less than those ten minutes, I was hooked. One, the imagination of the Bavarian Jasmine felt like the precursor to Precious. Two Brenda wasn't so angry as hurt and overwhelmed and she blossomed - there was humanity and depth to her. Three, the piano chords resonated, like a soundtrack to all things that keep us moving forward, one step at a time, despite the chaos all around.


It is nice to imagine a world where one life impacts so many others, like a domino. Like a ricochet.


Like magic.








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