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A less distracted and caffeinated existence

I have a friend who refuses to leave her home with a smart phone.

And who does not drink coffee.

I know.

I swear she exists.

Part of me is like WTF but another part is wow, I wish I could do that. Then recently it was, why can't I do that? But then life happens, I am under a pile of papers and nursing a giant cup of noisette and responding to messages and what-not on my cracked up Sony.

But this weekend, François recommends we stay away from coffee. Just like that. Cold turkey. Can't lie - there was a hint of cold sweat and a bit of hesitation but OK, why not? So, coffee detox weekend is underway.

The result? Big headache. Huge. My whole body is screaming for some of the aromatic black liquid gold. To make matters worse, we just returned from Canada, which means a giant tin of the original blend is just sitting there beckoning me. Why are we doing this again?

Now, about smart phones. Can I leave my house without a phone? I use it essentially for 2 reasons. Directions and messages (not really phone calls). Messages, I plan now to read them at set times in a day instead of as they pop up. But what to do about directions? I have no sense of spatial intelligence. This cannot be stressed enough. I get lost all the time...it is as if that part of my brain does not work. I am not really sure how I got around before google maps.

But I like this idea of not being a slave to smartphones and technology in general. To make better use of time and to be less distracted by constant interference and interruptions. This TED talk was a real eye opener.

Basically, over the coming days, as I try out a new way of being with my phone and communicating in general, you might not hear back from me immediately, but I will find my way to you.

With a cup of coffee in one hand. And the GPS tell me where to go in the other.