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Running into Brooklyn on Ice

At the Keflavik Airport, gingerly sipping a too-hot Dunkin' Donuts medium black and watching the laptop battery nervously as it has 12%.

It's the day after the Reykjavik half marathon.

Even though I trained pretty well for this one, everything hurts. E V E R Y T H I N G.

So of course, we're doing it again.

Why do I run?

My little rage, rage against the dying of the light? Something fun to do with my love? The runner's high? That great feeling right before a race when everyone is pumped and hype songs are on full blast at the start line? A little bit of each, I suppose.

But the truth is, I started running to save myself from drowning in my thoughts. To escape from the hours of library seclusion, thinking, and writing and alone during the depth of dissertation writing. I needed to do something concrete and outside where I felt alive. Wendy, a dear friend, started me with one kilometre. Just one. And every week she added another. At the end of 2 months, we were running 8km. And so it went. I have never ran better than I did that first race. because the training was a ritual. And it became so much more. Friendships deepened, I became strong, I could see more clearly, words came easier, the tangled thoughts unfurled themselves with each step. These are all the races I've ever done up till now...

Boston Run to Remember 5 km

Marseilles 1/2 marathon (2 times)

Boston Run to Remember 10km

Toronto Scotia Marathon (42 km)

Bandol night run 12.4km run (2 times)

Colour run 5km

Marseille run 10 km

Aix en Provence women run 10 km

Night run for the blind 5km

Lyon half-marathon

Susan G. Komen 10 km

Reykjavik half-marathon

Upcoming in October is the gruelling Marseilles-Cassie run. Gotta train like crazy. And already on our sight is the Paris-Versailles and the Paris 1/2. There are also these vineyard runs we'd like to try, but drinking and running only sounds fun in theory. Dehydration isn't a good look.

Of course, because it is human nature and some people are HYPER competitive, many people ask us our time. We are slow like molasses. And we love it. It's not about winning, it's about finishing and having fun. So, we dress up. We take photos. We hold hands. And we meet and have conversations with pretty great people.

Take Seth from Brooklyn for example who we met during the Iceland run. He was in full Brooklyn Dodgers regalia and made the kilometres fly by with his humour and political commentary. He was running the full marathon. Inspiring.

Then there was the guy who told us he was running his 103rd marathon.

For pleasure. Just because.

Which is probably the best reason of all.

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