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Iceland's bad ass women

Iceland is full of bad ass women.

One is a lady who can only be described as Pippi Long stocking in her 50s riding a tractor telling us the detour directions. The other is running in the rain, uphill in 10 degrees Celsius weather. A third is about 70 and hiking up the Glymur mountain. We have to move out of the way to let her pass.

We think the strength of Icelandic women is because to survive in such climates and unforgiving nature, they had to be strong and sturdy, self-assured, and fierce. An equal counterpart to their Viking men.

'Women cannot be financially dependant on anyone' says my new Icelandic friend whom I met in Italy and is reason I even know about Reykjavik half-marathon. 'Also everything in the home has to be equal. And we never tell girls that marriage is the goal..'

I love this place.

Iceland is the first place to democratically elect a woman President (Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, 1980-1996, pictured here).

It is the first country to legalize equal pay between men and women.

90% of Icelandic fathers take their paternal leave.

It is ranked by the Economist as the best place for working women.

Iceland should give workshops to women around the world. The Iceland Bad Ass Women Workshop.

I'd totally sign up.