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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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The landscape is alive, bubbling, steaming, black as a crow's underside. Then an unexpected brilliance, the white of virgin snow atop a cap of a mountain in the distance. The colours bend and blend - sage and blue, onyx that gives way to a dulled green as if someone squeezed some of it out.

Iceland is a mystical other world where the earth's lava innards spill over and its ashes are frozen in motion. It is no surprise that all these movies were filmed here, on this small island where there are more than double the sheep than people (350,000 versus 800,000).

We are driving on the Golden Circle, on our way to Þingvellir national park and all we can do is marvel. Every corner brings a sigh, a gasp, a whisper. The same hill is unrecognizable based on the angle. The sun is elusive and clouds hang low. I feel like I can lift my hand up and pull it down.

At the national park, we walk between two tectonic plates - one for Europe and one for the Americas. Every year they move 5 millimetres apart.

We find the site of Game of Throne scenes after the Floss (falls).

Tomorrow, Reynisfjar, a black sand beach.