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The dog's attitude problem

My dog has developed an attitude problem.

It must be the heat.

But then again, he's always been a stubborn little shit.

Now however, his stubbornness comes with the body of a full grown dog, so that when he wants to walk one way and I want to walk the other, he does the full body lean to force us in his direction.

Imagine a tug of war with me pulling on one end and him on the other. He leans over so much, it's like a Michael Jackson video.

And in this heat, nobody's got time for that!

He was so stubborn that drivers stopped at the red light were giving me encouragement. Drenched in sweat, completely H-angery, I dug my heels in and pulled and he finally came over. But not before he did his little snuff sound - I swear he was telling me off.

My little sweet Charlie is like a teenager now. Disrespecting his mama and wanting to smell what he wants, when he wants, on what street he wants. I bet he's got a group of hoodlum dog buddies and they meet around the back to smoke, eat treats and talk about bitches.

He's getting pretty strong. Not sure how much longer I can pull him my way. So much for the year of doggy school.

I think soon, he'll be walking me.

That's what you think, I can imagine him saying. I'm putting you away in a home and eating all the cheese I want.

How fast they grow up.