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Screw English Lit - I just gave half my life away.

As the original Heartbreak Kid plays in the background, I think about what my husband said during our run.

He said when he was growing up, breasts were everywhere. On TV, in magazines, in the movies. But not any more.

Why? I asked.

Censors, he said, and the so called Hollywood morality.

I have no idea but I do know that breasts are a mainstay on French beaches. I felt like such a prude the first time we went to the beach and there were all these topless women soaking in the sun.

(I eat determination for breakfast. Kelly's father to the Heartbreak Kid.)

My immediate thought to all the exposed chests? No way in hell am I doing that!

Well that was then.

Since, I've let the girls get some air..on high mountain tops, in the middle of the sea. And even for a brief moment, some rays on a crowded beach.

It was half liberating, half not a big deal.

They sunbathed like a French lady for a whole two minutes. Full of giggles, like a little kid doing something naughty. It's hard to get notions of what's acceptable and what is scandalous that are deeply ingrained from one's culture. Nobody does this in Canada. Probably because they would get frostbite. But here, in France it is so blasé.

And, surprisingly, really, really fun!