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Delusion of difference

There is this man who makes boxes. His name is Dustin Yellin.

He creates them, like pieces of evidence of the human experience.

Recently, he has developed what he calls 'a living box' where there are neuroscientists beside artists besides teachers. He says we have to take our boxes and shake them up. That disciplines and borders, are in fact, delusions and illusions of difference.

I find this man intriguing. Some boxes are useful, I suppose. They make it easy to interact efficiently. Other boxes are dangerous. Like those ones you have to tick for identity or when you have to high-stakes standardized tests. Other boxes protect us. Our bodies are boxes too, in a way. How we dress them, what we put them, who we share them with. They are time capsules of our experiences, our scars and joys.

I have been fortunate to be part of a living box he's describing. At the Cambridge Coop I lived with and shared meals and ideas with an environmental activist, a retired teacher, a busker, a would-be priest, students, and scientists. We all focused on social justice going beyond any borders of culture and ways of engaging. We held 80s Halloween parties for undocumented students and donated to schools in New Orleans...We went to protests together. We shook the box.

And some part of us combined with the others to create something new. Something that could not have existed if we had stayed within our own boundaries and closed boxes.