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La princesse de la piscine & queen des culottes

I just couldn't do it, enter the public pool, she says, I grew up in the South of France and we had our pool.

That's a first world problem, I tell her.

We were eating lunch at our regular spot in the Japanese gardens. She was splayed out on the grass laying on her stomach. She then puts her face directly on the grass and pets it, There there, I can hear you suffer.

Wouldn't it be great to have little human sized molds in the earth and we can just plug into nature, I say. We can gaze at the sky, cocooned in the earth.

Yeah, she replies lazily, taking a drag of her handmade cigarette.

That is how we got into other ways one can enter the earth - both of us choose water. Me the sea. Her a pool. But one of her own, apparently.

Everyone pees in the public pools, she says.

Everyone pees in every pool, even in private ones, I say.

We decide then that she would be called the Princesse de la Piscine and because I keep trying to find the French word for wedgie (there isn't one) she says that I am the Queen des Culottes.