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I am now the proud owner of undies with the word frenchie italicized on the front.

Never would have I imagined that one day, I would be an actual French citizen. It is hard to believe, even now. Though it is now 3 years, it does no seem real. It has yet to seep in beyond the outer layers.

But these days with the first Bastille day spent in Paris, saying I love France in my native Amharic and now about to cheer Les Bleus with the French flag caped over my back, and speaking the language, I am feeling more like une vrais française.

I know that I will likely never feel French like the way I feel Canadian. I feel Canadian in my bones, in my mannerisms, in the back of my hand knowledge of its history and way of being, intimate knowledge of the Tim Horton's menu, in saying sorry for all and every potential act of impoliteness.

But over the years, I have deepened in my love for France, the country of the man I love and his family I adore, the country of dear friends and great food, wine, beauty, and horizons.

France, je t'aime.

And Les Bleus - felicitations!!!!