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My new imaginary black dad, Mrs. Garrett

Once in a while, I get nostalgic for a childhood I never had.

I then proceed to watch reruns of The Cosby Show with the good doctor, Clair, and their kids Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. Otherwise known as The Huxtables. Except in Italy where nobody can pronounce Huxtable, so they were called the Robinsons.

Side note - I once walked right by Theo (or rather Malcolm Jamal-Warner) at Port Douglas beach in Australia where he was filming the movie, Fool's Gold. He had locks and looked nothing like the skinny, Cockroach-befriending, messy-room having, bad-grade getting teenager. He was full grown and it was so strange. It was like Malcolm had eaten Theo.

But now, I cannot watch it without thinking, did Cosby just rape a woman the night before this taping? And whenever there was a female guest star like Clair's sister, Sarah (actress Yvette Erwin), I wonder, did he attack her too?

There is no joy in it any more. Only evidence. And I hate him for it.

When the Cosby scandal broke, I was sceptical and thought it was the powers that be trying to limit the a lasting positive image of a strong and happy Black family. But then his disposition testimony revealed he gave quaaludes (that I only know from the Wolf of Wall Street) for sex. WHAT! Hold up! Are you FU^%$#KING kidding me. That did it for me. Why would he need these heavy drugs but to subdue before attacking?

And now, of course, he has been tried in court and found guilty. The collective voice of 50 women. With similar stories of drugging, attack, fear, silence.

And what about the women who were on the show? Silence.

The actresses who play Claire, Rudy, Vanessa - crickets.

Only Denise alluded to his dark sinister energy. Theo/Malcolm is the worst! He is annoyed that reruns are being pulled off because he loses money. AND so? He argues that other White actors who have attacked are still celebrated (he cites Polanski and Woody Allen). I mean, is that the new normal? Well, if everyone is raping, let's just get over it. Everyone is doing it! WTF?

This is not a race issue that he is making it. This is a sick psychopath issue. But one who represented something good for so many. And the whole time he was evil. This is something I cannot reconcile.

So it is time to find something else to watch for imaginary childhoods. Gimme a Break? The A-team? I know! The Facts of Life!

You take the good, you take the bad

You take them both and there you have

The facts of life....

It would seem that my new imaginary black dad will now be played by Mrs. Garrett.