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Dragon heart of Cinque Terra

On the right of the village of Monterosso looking out onto the restless sea, a sleeping dragon the colour of sage, keeps guard of the cinque terras.






For he has his heart in five pieces and in each village rests a part.

In Monterosso, a corner floats on the edge of the sea, cleansed by each wave and shimmer of light.

In Vernazzza, it is encased in the walls of sunsets and autumn leaves.

In Corniglia, we can see it atop the spiral stone stairs that bend into infinity.

In Monorolla, the dragon's heart beats inside the cove and the proud clock tower.

In Riomaggiore, the vineyards echo promises of devotions made long ago.

Each village sends messages back to the dragon in the wind. They whisper in blossoms of wild flowers, fluttering butterflies, les arondelles that skim the water in joyful dance, the scent of jasmine and plump cluster of grapes on twisted vines.

And in that moment, the sleeping dragon's heart is whole once more.