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Lolita's revenge

The Friday flower and plant market is vibrant with colours and haggling.

Oliver (Oli) had been looking rather sad this year and Jenny his long time orchidée seemed to be giving him the cold leaf (They're named from Love Story). So I decide to get him Lolita - a little flower on the side with stems up to there.

At the same time, I was struck by a bougainvillea exploding in fuchsia. I named her Sana, like the beguiling saris that float through India. I brought the two of them home and introduced them to the rest of the plants. I put Lolita by Oli to get better acquainted and placed Sana by the window to bask in the sun. She stretched her branches.

I'd like to think it was an accident.

A few days ago, when I was cleaning, I placed Lolita away from Oli and closer to Sana. I ran to do some errands and when I came home, there was Sana, laying half broken on her side with her pot smashed, ground all over the floor. Lolita was nearby, innocent as could be but with dirt suspiciously covering her leaves. Was Lolita jealous of Sana's radiant beauty? Did Lolita attack Sana? Fatal attraction, plant style?

Lolita said it was a gust of wind. But she was really coy about it. I don't know. Don't trust a big leaf and a bloom. That plant is poison.

I moved her back to Oli right away.

I don't want anything else suspicious to happen to Sana. Or us.

But I do fear for Jenny.

It may be a matter of time before Loilta, I mean the wind, takes her out.