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Why the knight?

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

- Rumi

A black knight and a white knight.


It doesn't matter.

Why did you get the tattoo?

Sitting on the terrace of the bar, he said, matter of factly, 'Well because it doesn't matter.'

Why the knight? I asked, the second.

He didn't know why the knight.

'Did you know?' I asked, 'That the knight is the only piece that must land on a different colour than it starts?' He said he knew.

His café has a Nintendo set and Super Mario Brothers. Hello, Saturday afternoon fun times with others who spent a large part of their childhood saving the princess with Mario and Luigi. So many memories in that that leap onto the pole by the castle...

I learned this little chess fact when I taught myself to play in my twenties, having being beat in several moves by a ten year old. During medieval times, the knight was the only one who could travel outside of the kingdom. And when the kingdom was at peace, the knight would travel to nearby kingdoms and make himself available to fight for a fee. That is where we get 'freelance.'

Yes, I am that annoying person that knows useless facts. But it does make good dinner party fodder sometimes.

These tattoos are making me itchy to get one. I already have a tiny one on my back, that I got with a boyfriend about a thousand years ago. He got a black Madonna with child that went from his elbow to shoulder. It strikes me as odd that this fleeting relationship actually has a permanent mark that we will both carry for the rest of our lives (in ink or scar).

I got the symbol for the planet Venus for Libra which is also the Ankh (think Eryka Badu). It is also an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbolizing life.

I suppose it could have been worse and I could have gotten something really frivolous, like his name or mine.

But to be truly honest, this tattoo is meaningless to me. And when I think about why I got it, only one reason comes to mind.


Now, I want to change into something that means something. Something powerful. Like my own secret 'By the power of the Grey Skull' ring. A permanent reminder to be more, give more, grow and to always rise above.

Not sure why, but, somehow it matters.