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First take photo

So what are the planned adventures of this so-called Unofficial List of Wonderful Things?

First things first. The name was born about seven years ago when I saw Masters students in a frenzy because they had ten months and wanted to do all the interesting things that Harvard and Cambridge had to offer. That is, when they were not under piles of statistics assignments. So, as a teaching fellow for the Higher Education course, I made one cohort a list of all the neat things and beautiful secret spots and called it the Unofficial List of Wonderful Things. If I understand correctly, it's been passed around since then.

So for instance, one of the best things to see at Harvard are the Ignoble Awards. They say Ig was Albert's brother. Every October, the Ignoble awards, with a ceremony and all, are presented by real Noble Prize winners to those doing improbable research. Like in 2005 when Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats of Tokyo, Japan, won for photographing and retrospectively analysing every meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (he also invented the floppy disk among over 3000 inventions). I loved his speech. He said: 'When eating, take time - first, take photo'.

But I digress. The girls have already enjoyed a live concert with Krystle Warren, did a little tour of Rome and enjoyed a film screening at Cannes.

Coming up, their adventures will include:

A Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert in Paris

Running a half-marathon in Iceland

A kick ass birthday party to end all birthday parties for their love and I (Oct 1 and Oct 2)

Running Marseilles-Cassis (Thanks Maria!)

Dancing at Naked Lunch and reading at the New York Public Library on 5th Ave, taking in a show or two

Going home to Ethiopia to show their French family their roots

To play the piano so well, they can give a little concert in a year's time (Thanks David, you are right).

I'm also working on giving them a climb up Kilimanjaro. It's semi-listed. There will be more adventures to add as the inspiration strikes.

Fun, live-out-loud, crazy stuff.

Stuff that is outrageously ignoble!