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It takes three to tango

We love The Big Bang Theory. Most of the time, my love is Leonard and sometimes he is Sheldon. According to him, I am a mix of Amy Farraw Fowler and Penny. Hopefully Amy's brains and Penny's fashion sense.

In one episode, Amy and Sheldon do an experiment to understand the speed of gossip. Apparently there is a meme theory which posits that gossip is alive and uses humans as its host to spread. Like a virus. So interesting.

In the midst of our gossip talk, my love plays for me Barber of Seville's L'air de Calominie, where slander and rumours are like breeze moving quickly to a hurricane on the lips of men and women...

La calunnia è un venticello Un’auretta assai gentile Che insensibile, sottile, Leggermente, dolcemente, Incomincia, incomincia a sussurrar. Piano, piano, terra terra, Sottovoce, sibilando, Va scorrendo, va scorrendo Va ronzando, va ronzando Fa stordire e fa gonfiar.

Dalla bocca fuori uscendo

lo schiamazzo va crescendo,

Prende forza a poco a poco,

Vola già di loco in loco,

Sembra il tuono, la tempesta

Che nel sen della foresta

Va fischiando, brontolando,

E ti fa d’orror gelar.

It's a mild rumor at first, A little wind grazing the earth. Then slowly, You see slander Stand up, swell up,

swell up as you grow up. Rely on clever envy, His skillfully drawn features, Softly, softly, softly, softly, softly by a slight murmur, Of absurd fiction Have more than one injury And carry in hearts Fire, the fire of their poisons. The evil is done, it walks, it advances; From mouth to mouth it is carried Then riforzando it launches itself;

He's a prodigy, really.

But nothing stops him,

It's the lightning, the storm.

But nothing stops him,

It's the lightning, the storm.

So true.

Even our dog likes to look out the window and check out the neighbours, see what's going on in his own nosy way. He tries to share the gossip with his barks.

And it is also true that listening to Verdi's makes you want to tango.My love and I slide across the living room floor. Charlie wants in. And so, I tango with my dog. He's got moves.

At least, that's the word on the street.