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Look again

Today, my love and I went to get him new glasses (frame and prescription). Trying on glasses in not unlike trying on different personalities. He moved from Clark Kent to accountant to James Bond to return to himself. In the end, he settled on a pair of simple black frames and sunglasses that were aviator-ish but without the arrogant vibe.

Looking at glasses reminded me of a book written by Dr. Sara Lawrence Lightfoot. It is called Respect. The entomology of the word Respect comes from the Latin re:back and specere: to look at. Specere is also the root for specs, spectacular, and of course, spectacles.

So to respect is literally to go back and look at . To take the time to regard and pay careful attention. To consider well, thoughtfully.

I love that.

Because many of us, myself included, glance quickly and make snap judgements more often than I take my time to consider and regard deeply.

I am sure, looking again, even (and perhaps especially) to those I would rather overlook, will improve my perspective and perhaps create deeper connections that will develop into more meaningful outlooks on life.