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GPS for life

Imagine a GPS for life. Like Google maps but for life's decisions. It might say things like:

1. Immediately do a U-turn and buy that chocolate raspberry tart. Life is short. Eat desserts and enjoy every single bite. Guilt-free.

2. Back away from that guy. He is a dead end. He will not be worth all those years of recalibrating yourself during and after the relationship. Remember, when people show you who they are the first time, believe them. Amen, Oprah!

3. Sometimes feeling directionless doesn't mean you are lost. It can be another way to find yourself.

4. Turn right toward those you love and tell them. They may exit sooner than you think.

5. Take your time AND let others take the time they need. Patience, grasshopper, patience.

6. Move towards the dream. Even if you are running on fumes. Even you are road blocked. Even if you have to pull over to the side for a bit.

7. No, it wasn't a detour. That was the path you were supposed to take.

8. Definitely follow your heart. It will work out.

9. Delete toxic and negative people from your destinations. Especially if you have them as a regular destination. ESPECIALLY if they are destination 'home.'

10. Learn to do something you love so well that it will stop them in their tracks.

11. Slow down so you don't break down. Take some time for yourself.

12. Premium fuel: loving family and friends. Next grade: travel, music, books, art. Peanut M&Ms if you need some quick energy to get you from A to B.

13. Stop scrolling over your previous destinations trying to figure out 'How the hell did I get here?' You are not going that way any more.

14. At the same time, don't keep looping the same route. It won't get you anywhere different.

15. Don't let not having talent stop you from doing something you love. So what if you sound like a cat in heat? Sing your heart out.

16. Sometimes there will be construction. The path won't always be smooth. But you'll get through it.

17. Get regular check ups. It will help you last a long time and in good running condition.

18. Some people are only meant to be met at intersections. Sooner or later they will go in a separate direction. That is OK.

19. NEVER compare yourself. Don't compare yourself to that Porsche, to the Mini Cooper or even to the Suzuki Swift. You will be judging your insides with others' outsides. They may be faster or cuter but you never know...they could also be dysfunctional with overheated engines. Simply strive to be better than you were.

20. And also don't get sucked into others' need to compete with you. It's not a race. It your journey.

For me, I imagine, it would say these things in the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch or James Earl Jones. Why? Well because everyone needs a bit of 'ear candy' when they get reassuring and sound advice from the GPS for life.