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Is he white or is he a terrorist?

Is he white or is he a terrorist? she asked.


I was dumbfounded. What did she just say? I had just told her my friend's parents were from Algeria. What a stereotypical thing to say! And out of her normally intelligent British mouth.


Why would you say that about him? I asked, visibility upset.

She looked at me, confused.

I looked at her with frustrated and (I'll admit it) crazy eyes.

Then we figured it out.

It seems that at the same time, she was reading about the carnage at the Texas school where ten lay murdered, their lives senselessly snuffed out. What she was saying in fact was - has the media NOT called him a terrorist BECAUSE he was white. Even though that was exactly what he is. To terrorize = to bring terror = a terrorist.

But as we know, he will be called, psychologically off, or perhaps a loner. We know that prayers and thoughts will be offered by spokespersons of the government. The NRA and all those they pay off will shift the attention away from gun control (it's too soon, it is a time to grieve, they will say).

And in a few months time, another 'loner' will take the lives of innocents. Because it is the job of the NRA and those they pay off to ensure that it will NEVER be the right time to have a real conversation and debate and legislation about gun control. And this next 'loner' will find his guns easily, perhaps online, or perhaps at a store down the street, or perhaps from his family's arsenal.

So now I understood my friend had not lost her mind.

But I am not sure the powers that be in the US have not lost theirs.