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Delusional for 200 Alex

It's a King Lear kind of day. Overcast, raining and according to my love there is 'une deluge au labo.'

What is the cause of thunder? demands Lear.


This morning we heard on Radio France that there are many tremblements on Mars. They are called Marsquakes. The new NASA lander scheduled to launch tomorrow is expected to witness hundreds during its about 2 year mission.

Apparently there are 20,000 earthquakes every year on this planet! I had no idea and file it in my mental Rolodex for the Jeopardy appearance that I've planned for since 1985. I'll take delusional for 200 Alex.

The rains from heaven, the shaking of the ground, the sending of launches beyond our moon, seeing history through light in stars that exploded millions of years ago.

It is the ultimate lesson in humility.

Even King Lear spoke of the 'little world of man’ and compelled the heavens:

'Let the great gods

That keep this dreadful pudder o’er our heads

Find out their enemies now. Tremble, thou wretch,

That hast within thee undivulgèd crimes

Unwhipped of justice.'