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The ninja moves of Charlie Eps

Five minutes into our morning walk, he already has a piece of tissue in his mouth.


Then he sees a bit of uneaten pizza laying there like a jewel. I almost hear the angels singing in his ears, as bread and cheese are his most favourite things in the world. What can I say? He's French.

In an instant it's gone. So now, he has tissue in the back of his mouth and the pizza crust in the front. He's looking at me like, what? I've learned a long time ago not to try to get what he finds on the streets out of his mouth. Because my hand could end up in there too, just in front of the pizza, left of the tissue.

We know Charlie (named for Charlie Brown and Charlie Chaplin) has found something delicious because all of a sudden he walks nicely and doesn't pull and doesn't discern smells on walls and trees for so long, that one could do the New York Times crossword puzzle Sunday edition, in the time it takes him to be well and done.

When Charlie Epsilon (a small amount in Mathematics) has found a tasty treat and has it hidden in his mouth, he could win the best-actor Oscar for playing a well-behaved dog. He walks up the steps home gingerly and precisely, like a furry ballerina.

Once home and off his leash, he's got to figure out how to drop the crust, drop the tissue and eat them both without us taking it away. The first time he managed it, I knew our dog had ninja moves.

First he lies down in stealth mode and waits for us to leave the room. If we don't leave, he moves as far away as possible and drops one thing quickly and chews at lighting speed at what remains.

But if you get close, the second treat is back in his mouth. Like magic. It's there - then it's not.

The clincher is the big innocent eyes. There is nothing going on here, go away - he blinks.

Once it's all gone, he's back to being a Scatouli (meaning little shit in Greek). A little lovable stubborn shit. That is, until, he notices the cookie that arrives with your afternoon tea... He looks up and pleads cuteness.

I'm adorable and you know you want to give me just a little taste, just a little one, I will die if I don't get a bite - be blinks.

And of course, like a sucker, you do give him a little bite.

Because you see, Charlie Eps not only has ninja moves. He also has Jedi mind tricks.