Petals of parchment

April 29, 2018

The girls have climbed the proverbial mountain. Our path was lined with wild flowers, some with petals of parchment.



I used a fallen branch to climb and felt that when you press against the earth, it presses back. Like people. Like boundaries. If you press too hard, it breaks. Not enough and you remain stagnant. But if you get the right balance, then it supports you and you rise up to meet the next challenge. 


The view from the top was worth the 2 hour climb. The world was holding its breath in meditation...still, majestic, as close as I can get to Cohen's broken hallelujah. 



For me, these little successes, these reaching of mountain tops are like little bonbons.


I place them in my pocket and I know I will unwrap them later in moments where I need to lift myself up with a little sugar high.








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