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In vino veritas

She reminds me of another time - une autre fois with chiselled cheekbones and onyx coloured hair. The balance she's found now is well-earned. Here's to you Mimi with your Breakfast at Tiffany's grace in ruby All-stars.

We decided to meet in one of the most charming corners of the city where the sunset suspends itself. The Corsican red wine accented our catch-up conversation.

It's sort of place where you have to order your drink in the hole in the wall (literally). Inside is an image of a girl/woman popping out of a wooden barrel with the words in vino veritas. Is she 14 and was playing hide and seek and the barrel of wine dissolved her shirt? Or is 25 and surprising the owner of the vingoble for his birthday? Is she an adult Pippi Longstocking?

You can hardly tell.

But she looks like she has braces, for heavens sake.

In vino veritas. The truth is in wine. I wonder if this is true for others, because it certainly is not true for me. My truth is found at the bottom of an Old Fashioned. Or a strong pastis. Below the maybe-Pippi are Greek dancers frozen in mid kick. The dancer on the right looks like he wants in on the wine action. How about a a glass? he cajoles.

My love picks me up. It is one of those days on the verge of summer where the moon is full and because it's humid my love's hair is curly like when we met, like how I love it. Back then, he reminded me of an Italian painter, a Spanish philosopher, a composer of opuses in allegro. Some of the wine we've had since those days have been excellent. Some could have walked off the table.

This morning I saw a lady in a prisoner's costume. What's going on? I asked her friends. She's getting married, they say. Marriage is form of prison, the say.There is no prison but the one of your own creation, I want to say.

As we drive home in our little electric Totem with Charlie's ears airborne and swatting my face, I look at the back of my love's head.

I like that our love story feels free.

I like that it's real and deep and true.

And just as I get out to kiss him, Charlie gives me a left paw to the eye.

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