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My ever present past

'The time that I thought would last My ever present past'

Sir Paul's song introduced to me by KW sets the tone.

Science doesn't answer all the interesting questions...

He says that the present doesn't exist. It is only the past and the future.

I say the present is the only thing that exists.

He says that what is interesting is that we are constantly changing, and the us we were this morning is not the us we are tonight with all the regeneration of cells that have happened and what was really profound was that our thoughts and memories endure when we are not even physically the same bodies.

The message that greeted me in the morning was this - linear time is an illusion and that past, present and future exist simultaneously. So that we imagine any future we want as it is one of many possible futures.

I share this with my love.

Bullshit, he says.

I like it though. The idea that the future is malleable, adaptable and can be shifted as we like. Like a pair of shoes. Why go for the uncomfortable stiletto future when you can enjoy open toe sandals? Both can exist at the same time, so why put on the painful future? Why try it on at all? You know you can't walk in it. It reminds of something I read in The Monk who Sold his Ferrari - that we have nearly the same thoughts every day. And they are mostly around some worry or anxiety. Almost all; every day; day in and day out.

That's madness!

Or as I've learned is the word for all things merde in proper in-front-of-company French (and my new favourite word) Saperlipopette!

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