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French liberté

The bag holding my new Etam bra/culottes reads

We are French

We believe in being sexy

Independent, Fashionable & Optimistic

French liberté

Are you kidding me? The revolution has been lingerie(zed)? As I read this, I image an army of French ladies in their unmentionables fighting for the right to be free to dress sexy. It seems both a brilliant promotional idea and the ultimate dilution of the values of the Republic.

Although I might have doubts about egalité and fraternité and revolutions in my underwear, I am a firm believer in comfy wumfy bras and undies. I never did understand thongs (intentional wedgies) and bras that were so lacy you couldn't wear a t-shirt without looking like you had crumbled up paper on your chest. No thanks. Just give me a simple pair of black Victoria Secrets without underwire or padding and something that actually covered 50% of my booty (I've long given up on 100% coverage but for grandma panties that could double as swimwear if they were stretched up and holes punched out for arms).

Thinking of breasts as political, women should have the right to have their breasts free and untethered, if they wish. Containing them, in what beloved Valerie used to call 'over the shoulder boulder holders' is a choice (maybe not for my darling Suzy whose cup runneth over). In fact, even the most famous Delacroix painting of 1830s July Revolution of Liberty Leading the People has the Lady Liberty with her determined breasts unleashed, boldly facing to the future.

So, here's to giving the girls the support they need. And the sexiness they want. Thus, to the unofficial list of wonderful things, I have added the purchase of at least one excessively lacy lingerie that will feel great and be absolutely, completely and totally impractical.

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