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A Place in the Sun

On Wednesday nights at the Louvre restaurant and hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the owner (who happens to be an enthusiastic aficionado of cinema) treats his customers to old films to pair with their dinners. Making this discovery late, the last (and first time) I went, he showed Rossellin's Journey into Italy, with Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders. It was, he said, the movie that led to the scandalous affair that led to Isabella.

Three weeks and 9,520km away, tonight's movie playing on French / German ARTE is another black and white classic, A Place in the Sun. Elizabeth Taylor with the bust of her dress in bloom was only 19 when she played Angela. If you ignore the absurdity of declaring love on a first date and the over-dramatic close ups, the rest does a good job showing the chasm between rich and poor, hope and fear, that kind of boy between the tragically unwed pregnant poor and the high-flying society queen.

I already know that the girls will enjoy many a movie this year. I hope most will be interesting, those you think about three days later over breakfast and those that make you laugh out loud and others that become a part of you - like Bitter Moon or August Rush. And of course, to go with the theme, my love and I decide to add the high-brow, reflective, and somber classic 1975's Boob Tube.

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