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La dolce vita

Inspiring, inspired, inspirational. What a week! Now it is time to play after a night in of naps and tea in my charming room at even more charming Pablo's B&B.

The photo above my bed last night was meant to be. I only noticed it this morning and was struck by how many connections there are on this trip to each other, to the internal.

I found the most perfect chocolate bar yesterday. A bar that makes and serves chocolate. It was at the end of an alleyway, hidden from view, but for the words Antica Fabbrica del Cioccolato. I might not know Italian (yet) but I can sense chocolate anywhere. There is some compass oriented towards it. It's like I have chocolate radar. Choc-dar. It's a thing. I had their delicata torta al cioccolato with a glass of red. Pure and complete bliss.

Tomorrow is Rome's birthday (2,771). For the parade, the girls and I will dress up like Minerva, the Etruscan version of Athena. She is the goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce. And she is, apparently, the symbol of La Sapanzia university. Connections, connections, connections abound.

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