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Music in the room of immortals

The girls' day was bookended by art. Like old friends.

Leonardo, the likeable director of When You Can't Go Back, said he pulled his protagonist from the crowd and took the thread of one life to make a documentary that could be universal. He noted that his protagonist, a Syrian scholar in Copenhagen, dreams and moves forward but, that behind him was a sadness. I imagine it draped in folds, like a cape that can swallow its wearer whole at any moment.

At lunch, I notice a photo of a man with a piercing stare and an unsuspecting monkey. They both face the words that translate roughly into - to see you need to wait. A simple wooden bench is just under it.

In the evening, we are back in the room of immortals to be serenaded by the haunting laments of the viola of Ottoman times with Jordi Saval, a Catalan musician and composer.

I heard it occurred by chance, but it seems fitting that at a conference about refugees that there is a Spanish artist playing Turkish music at an Italian university.

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