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Born in the Fall

Il y a du monde au balcon. This French expression (Everyone is out on the balcony) refers to when a woman is displaying ample cleavage. Last night, the girls went to their first concert of their first night of their year of adventures to listen to Krystle Warren, a Paris-based American singer. And indeed, il y a du monde au balcon. I mean, after all, it was the first event of this unofficial list of wonderful things.

There is only one way I can describe how Krystle sings: It is like raw honey with hints of melancholy and it reverberates deeply and feels like Christmas morning. La Meson, which is a flamenco school / cultural centre, was cozy and intimate and you could imagine you had entered the salons of the American crowd in the Paris of Hemingway's time .

We met our friends there, newly arrived Australians already sipping red wine in the back, and the rest who wandered in throughout the night. After the concert, my husband's colleague, a Greek physicist went up to Krystle and said ‘You are a master!’ I shared that earlier in the day we had had a conversation about music that was intellectual and music that came from the gut. The physicist claimed that intellectual music was ‘shit’. He explained, as he might explain the inner workings of the universe to his master students, ‘Yes, well, if you think while you F%$#K you won’t F%*$K so good. You cannot think, you just have to do it, it has to come from the gut. It’s the same with music.’

My favourite song is Born in the Fall. Krystle, who is a Gemini, sang it second to last.

'Yes. I have a few questions.

Here's one: How does day know when to turn to night?

And how am I supposed to live my life?'

Before falling asleep, my love and I folded our conversation away and and unfurled it again in the morning - with hands around cups of Ethiopian coffee, we volleyed ideas on what the song was really about. Maybe it meant that she was reborn in the fall after some tragedy, or a a breakup. Or maybe it didn’t mean Fall the season, but a fall from grace. Or perhaps it meant renewal following failure. As we pondered, I thought about how much I loved that space where the writer/composer gives their creation to the world and the world gets to complete it. 'E darà alla luce'...they give to the light and the light then defracts...

All in all, the girls’ first concert of this yearlong adventure was a smashing success – a lot of wine, good laughs, GREAT music, a new CD and a tipsy walk home to our sleepy, happy dog.

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