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Gone Girls

One year. It is not a lot of time. But it can be enough time. Time to laugh, have adventures, travel, to do all 'one day I will' things. Don't worry, this is not a bucket list. More like a boob list, or as was my original name for this blog...Gone Girls. In about a year, I will have a double mastectomy. Optional? Yes. But, not really. I have the BRCA gene mutation. It doesn't come with superpowers though...unless you count inhaling a box of Petit-Beurre cookies in one fell swoop (how can you not love cookies that literally translate into little butter?) But I digress. Having the BRCA gene mutation means I have a much higher chance than average of getting breast cancer sometime in my life.

I love my girls and I've grown rather attached to them over the years. They must and shall get the send off they deserve. And so, with this, our adventure, our unofficial list of wonderful things begins...

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